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Gexarquniq District Court of First Instance

All criminal and civil cases, as well as cases on the specification of the lists of electors are under the jurisdiction of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Gegharqunik Marz (hereinafter Court). The Court exercises supervision towards pre-trial proceedings (as well as solves the issues related to choosing the detention as a precautionary measure, permitting the search in the apartment), as well as it examines other cases on merits stipulated by the Criminal Procedure Legislation.
The Court consists of the Chairman and eight judges.

The Chairman of the Court has the following authorities-
1. ensures the regular activities of the Court
2. follows the provision of the work discipline of the judges
3. follows the process of meeting the deadlines of investigating cases by the judges and in missing the deadlines of investigating cases, is representing his judgment to the Ethics Commission of the Council of Courts Chairmen
4. in discovering a violation of the requirements of the Discipline legislation, when necessary, respectively sends a report concerning that issue to the Ethics Commission of the Council of Courts Chairmen
5. provides holidays to the judges as prescribed by law
6. in case of a holiday or some other temporary absence of the judge, if necessary, redistributes the cases under the latter’s responsibility
7. in case of a holiday or some other temporary absence by the chairman of the court, appoints a substitute
8. supervises the activities of the staff of the Court
9. represents the Court in its relations with other bodies
10. performs other authorities prescribed to him/her by law

Positions of a secretary and an assistant are each prescribed to every judge of the Court.
The Court has a staff which is the separate subdivision of Judicial Department, RA and serves to ensure the regular activities of the court. The legal status and functions of the staff are stated in RA laws, by the separate special legislation of “The staff of the Court of First Instance in Gegharquniq Marz - RA Judicial Department-SAI”, by the decisions (orders) of the founder and other legal acts.

One can apply to the Court by submitting documents in the court office or by sending them by post.

Court of General Jurisdiction of Gegharqunik Marz:

18 Sayadyan, Gavar city;
Telephone: (0264) 2-36-01, 2-23-03.

8a Gortsaranayin, Sevan city;
Telephone: (0261) 2-37-39, 2-31-42.

5 Shahumyan, Martuni city;
Telephone: (0262) 4-48-47.

Romani street, building of municipality, Vardenis city;
Telephone: (0269) 2-27-62.

4 Paruyr Sevaki, Chambarak city;
Telephone: (0265) 2-22-77.

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